Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Quick stop at home before we leave again

New Years in Blacksburg at the Bat Ranch was just a whole big bunch of casual yummy fun, as usual. I think this is the 4th consecutive year I've been to the Thai potluck New Years gorge fest and even with Molly still recovering from surgery, it was a blast. Even though she was under the weather, Molly still managed to roast two chickens (Thai style), make a huge side dish, make drinks, do a few shots of tequila with me (mmmm), host a party (with Mike's help) and keep an eye on 3 kids (also w/ Mike's help) of course. After that, she outlasted me by at least an hour or so and still got up to make breakfast for all. Geez, talk about superwoman!

As for me, the trip was great and worth the long drive. We ended up doing a short hike with Jess and Brian at the Cascades
because we all wanted to get back in time to shower and cook for our respective parties. Jess and Brian were going elsewhere. I found a great recipe for a yummy Thai noodle slad that also included fresh spinach...mmmm. I also brought some chocolate to melt and strawberries and almond cookies to dip in it. Dipping stuff in chocolate is so freakin' easy and always well appreciated. Here is Maggie at the New Year's party wearing sandys' very cool black and white snake. When Maggie is a famous vixen, I'll be able to say I knew her when...
Here is Linden, Molly's youngest, and at the moment biggest challege, in the morning. He likes cameras.
As I said, the trip to Blacksburg was well worth the long drive, BUT, it left us with less than 24 hours at home before we left again for Puerto unpacking, doing laundry, and packing again was all we had time for. It also stressed me out to leave my cat alone so much, but such is life. Definitely a good start to the year.

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