Friday, January 11, 2008

Settling in...I guess

I've been meaning to write, but holy crap, have I been exhausted from all of this travel. Puerto Rico was great, mostly just hanging on the beach, drinking Mojitos, knitting reading and eating lots of great food. I should qualify what I meant by beach. This was the view from our window.
My mom doesn't really like sand, so they lie on what I refer to as a seaside grassy patio under a grove of palm trees. The view is amazing and the hotel has an outdoor bar nearby for yummy snacks and cocktails. Yep, it was lovely. Here's my mom chillin' on the beach.
Yes, she's reading a court brief here, because she loves her work and finds this stuff fascinating.
My parents were psyched to have us there because we were up for stuff like walking to the Old City which is really nice and were up for any restaurant they felt like going to. This is my dad at the El Moro fort. he and Mark walked there while mom and I went jewelry shopping. I've been to the fort before.
All the restaurants were great, but the trick to not over eating was to just order multiple yummy appetizers.

Mark and I also rented a car one day and went to El Yunque Rainforest which was less than hour away. We hiked up to the top and even had some brief moments of an amazing view.
Yes. that is the ocean you can see in the distance. Here is Mark at the top.
We then hiked down the touristy path to the waterfall. Which was fun and a little crowded and a great little additional workout. All in all we hiked about 6.5 miles and my calves were screaming the next day from all the elevation change. Fortunately, I was able to spend most of the next day recovering on the beach with more mojitos before we flew out in the evening.

The flight/drive home was long, but now I'm feeling normal and back to working full time and unpacking. Once the house is more unpacked, I'll post more pix.

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