Saturday, January 19, 2008

Got what we came for!

Mark and I had planned to spend the whole weekend in Biloxi, MS. We got tickets to see Kathy Griffin months ago and since we were driving 4 hours, we figured we might as well stay the weekend and check out Biloxi.
Kathy G. appeared at the Beau Rivage, the fanciest shmanciest casino. You can tell you are at a fancy shmancy casino, because of the pretty fountain. You can tell you are in Mississsippi because there is a Waffle House across the street with it's ever present yellow sign.

We were a little worried about leaving after 1:00pm on Friday since the show started at 7:00 and we would need to find a place to park, pick up our tix and get dinner before the show. That just goes to show how little we know about casinos...Parking - FREE and plentiful...Box Office - easy to find...Dinner - tons of restaurants and buffets right there in the casino. Casinos really don't want you to leave once you get there so they make it easy for you to stay. The food wasn't free, but once we paid for the buffet (which was the biggest I had ever seen) the drinks were. Coulda been dangerous if I hadn't had someplace to be.
This is the buffet. You know you're in Mississippi when the fancy shmancy casino has a chandelier made of a big mess of copper pots.

A close-up of the pot chandelier which just kept making me giggle.

The show was freakin' hilarious. You have to know some celebrity trash news to really appreciate her humor, but not too much. It also helped that we're addicted to her show, 'My Life on the D-List'. I know I have plenty of friends who are anti-TV, but watch one episode of that show and you will love it. She's great.

After the show, we went to stay at our cheaper hotel, cuz we ain't foolish enough to pay to stay at the fancy shmancy casino hotel. It was cold and very rainy the next morning so walking around and checking out the coast was out. Rather than look for things to do and blow another night on the hotel, we decided to head back on Saturday, but still stop in Jackson as planned....Buh-Bye Biloxi...maybe next time. We'll probably be back there at some point for another show.

In Jackson we went to the Rainbow Whole Foods Co-op and the adjacent High Noon cafe which was really really really great. The cafe is only open for lunch but the food was absolutely delicious. We got a membership at the co-op and bought a ton of food staples since there is nothing like that here in Starkville. The whole little plaza included a great health food store, a yummy vegetarian cafe, a store that sells crafts and art from local artists, a community cyber center, and a little used book table. I will definitely be back down there once a month to shop for real food.

Mark also humored me and took me to the new local yarn shop in Jackson which had some of my favorite yarns. I had to buy at least one thing there, so I got more pretty sock yarn, big surprise.
Overall, we may have cut our trip a day short, but we totally got what we came for and it worked out well that we left on Saturday, because the cafe is closed on Sunday. We got back here around 6ish and treated ourselves to a dinner out since we had saved $ by leaving Biloxi a day early. I would love to say that we both spent all of our extra day doing tons of work around the house unpacking. Mark got a ton done. I got some done, but kept getting distracted by Sandy's chevron socks in progress.

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