Sunday, December 30, 2007

If you could bottle stuff like this, you'd be rich...

Mark and I are back in Blacksburg right now and I have had one of those days that it would be great to be able to bottle up and save. If I could, I would, and then when I'm Starkville and I'm cranky and bummed cuz most of my good friends are here and I'm there, I could just open up the bottle, pour out a few drops of this gleeful fun day, and feel a little better...who knows, maybe I won't have days like that, but I wouldn't bet on it.

So what happened...we got here (Jess's place) about 10:30 last night, caught up with Jess a bit and went to bed. Mark was a driving maniac yesterday and drove the whole way up here so I went into a knitting frenzy on his soon to be felt slippers which are the reverse of mine (which I love love love).

This morning I couldn't sleep so I got up and knitted more of the slippers. They are extremely gratifying, cuz they go so quick. Jess got up and we all goofed around and talked for a couple of hours before getting our act together and going to Gillies' for a freakin' awesome brunch.
Jess in the AM

Then we dropped Mark back off at Jess's and went to meet Darcy, Katherine, and Liz to hang out and knit at the Easy Chair. Katherine brought legos cuz she hasn't leanr to knit yet, (even though I think she would love it) and didn't want to be the only one without something to do...
At some point Liz or I or Darcy will just tie her down in a chair and teach her how to knit and I'll bet that she yells at us for not teaching her sooner, but that's ok.

Overall, it wad a really great afternoon of hanging out and knitting and giggling, after which Jess and I went across the street to Mosaic, the LYS which was having a 25% off sale...WOW! (See what I mean about a great day???). I showed huge restraint, but did buy some NORO sock yarn which I have been really eager to try. YAY!

Afterwards, Jess and I got food for dinner and a movie to watch w/ Mark. Mark made one of my favorite dinners for us, yogurt chicken w/ quinoa for us. He pretty much rocks!

After that I helped Jess skein up some her huge new stash with my brand new niddy noddy (that Mark gave me for Hannukah but at Christmas)

and then we watched a movie during which I finished knitting Mark's slippers (still gotta weave in all the damn ends)
My felted slippers and Mark's huge unfelted ones.

and now I really gotta go to's after 1:00am,, today is tomorrow already.

More to come.


  1. Did you purposely repeat my name twice in the 'we have to teach Katherine to knit' section? Or do you see me as the most likely to tie her to a chair and force things on her? hmmm...could be fun.

  2. Nope that wasn't on purpose. It was late and I'm a sucky typer. I just fixed it.