Saturday, January 26, 2008

First visitor of the day

So, you can tell I've had a pretty dull week when I talk about our new bird friends, but I gotta tell you, they are really fun to watch. Our new house has tons of huge windows, one of the many reasons we fell in love with it. One of the biggest double windows is in our living room looking out onto our back deck.

Mark got 2 bird feeders and essentially set up a birdy food court out there for Dru, our cat, to watch, but we stare out the windows for hours too...did I mention life here was kinda slow? I've always known birds were kind of piggy, but it's not until you see how much food they eat in a day and how much they drop below that you realize that they make pigs look good in comparison. Granted we get a ton a visitors, but Mark has had to refill the feeders almost everyday. This morning we got up and we're sitting on the couch trying to wake up and think about all we need to get done today. We look outside and notice that despite the icicles on the feeders from yesterday's storm, they were once again mostly empty and there was a mess of food on the deck...literally piles.

Mark jokingly grumbled: "Geez they're messy. No more food until they clean up after themselves. We can't have the only feeder around here. Let 'em go make a mess elsewhere." He can grumble all he wants but when we got our first visitor this morning, Mr. Cardinal,

all three of us (Dru, Mark and I) were mesmerized for a while. After he left, a slew of smaller birds showed up for breakfast and sure enough they started to clean off the deck. They may be piggy when they eat (after all it can't be easy eating without hands), but they do eventually clean up what they drop.

We'll inevitably keep the food court open and the birds will kindly let us watch them and be entertained. Maybe we'll even learn a thing or 2...

As for knitting news...I finally finished Mark's socks which took forever because the yarn, albeit nice is really fine. It's all good, because he likes them and will wear them which is all that I ask.

Now back to the Chevron socks for Sandy. I love this pattern so much, I am definitely going to make a pair for myself, but I should have these finished this week. 1 down, 1 to go.

PS After writing this, I got my first delivery from the Rockin' Sock Club (Blue Moon Fiber Arts) and after doing some work on the house, my day turned into a sock knitting frenzy. Serious yarn therapy! More about this soon.


  1. The birds are cool! Have you got a bird identification book yet? You could get super birdy-nerdy and set up microphones outside to hear them chirping.

  2. Those are some mighty fine socks. My feet are jealous! As for your comments about the snow here -- at least it's cold enough there to make icicles... better than nothing?

  3. Sheri needs to make me some socks...

    You guys should get a hummingbird feeder. Those things are insanely fun to watch.

  4. Rob, we have a hummingbird feeder and will probably hang it this weekend. As for socks, I can teach you and Sheri BOTH to knit them so you can make twice as many pairs :). In the meantime, a great book with a basic sock tutorial as well as lots of other hilarious comments and handy advice is 'Knitting Rules!' by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (AKA the Yarn Harlot).

  5. omg I really want to see Rob knitting at picnic. that would make my freeking SPRING, man!

    What you guys need is a CHIPMUNK. Our little chipmunk is a beastie about cleaning up after the birds...