Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chevrons and Politics

I'm addicted to both of these things. First the chevrons. I just finished and blocked my chevron scarf and I am so happy with how it turned out that I can't wait to wear it somewhere. Perhaps this weekend when we go see Kathy Griffin in Biloxi (AKA Mark's and my favorite bitchy potty-mouth comedian). I started trying to figure out gauge and a pattern appropriate for this great yarn I bought to make my sister in law socks. I tried 3 different needle sizes, 2 different patterns, and nothing made me happy so I designed a chevron pattern sock, that so far, I love (big surprise). It's an easy pattern, looks cool, and goes well with the bright variegated colors. Weee...more chevrons for me.
For those who are interested, the basic chevron stitch pattern is very similar to the feather and fan stitch pattern, but use 'Knit Front & Back' increases instead of 'Yarn Over' increases. I'll include the whole pattern, or a link to it in the next couple days.
(Notice that I'm getting better at the close-up photo thing. There's still a fair amount of luck involved, but I'm beginning to figure it out.)

Now for politics. Mark thinks I am predisposed to my political junkie ways, kinda like the child of an alcoholic is more likely to also be an alcoholic. I admit I was raised by a mom who had a TV in every room (including a small one in her bathroom) so she didn't have to miss any of the news (this was before DVRs let you pause live TV). My mom also ran for political office which was no fun for our family (don't get me started) but it did leave me with more insight than I ever wanted about the political process. I also grew up with politics discussed every night at dinner. I didn't pay attention back then, but now I think there must have been some absorption going on, cuz I am way into this Presidential race. I watch all the debates (while knitting) read the columns, and even listen to the pundits (who are soooo full of crap). It's like watching a slow moving sports event that will go on for months with match after match after match. I guess it also helps that I'm excited about the candidates too.
I'll try to not to blather on about politics, but YAY, go dems!!! Mark also has a vested interest in the presidential race too. After the 2004 debacle, I wanted to leave the country, but because I was working on my Ph.D. and just starting to get really serious with Mark, I sucked it up and vented a LOT as things slowly got worse and worse and worse. Well, now my PhD is done, and I'm married and if the dems lose in 2008, I am headed to Toronto, no lie. Mark realizes that I'm serious, so he's rooting for the dems, and researching Canadian jobs in Forest hydrology.

All of this fits in well to my extreme lack of life here. I work, I exercise, I knit, I read a bit, I hang out with Mark and my cat, and I watch debates and read the political news. I probably should make some social effort, but this is good for now. There are much worse things than having a crush on Jon Stewart and Keith Olbermann.
Yes, I know taking pictures of my TV shows just how much I lack a life, but he's cute and smart and I'm good with my lack of life for the moment...except when it bums me out.


  1. What do you think of his new glasses? I think I liked the old look better.

  2. I like his new ones, but now I can't remember his old ones. I'll look around online for a picture.