Friday, November 2, 2007

Yarn Therapy

So, my suspicions are confirmed and house painting is tedious and has bit of a learning curve, but it is totally worth it. We have one room done (the lovely peachy colored laundry room - the color is actually called 'Fragrant Coriander' - great name for a beautiful color)
and we have learned tons in the process (besides the fact that I really do suck and am a complete klutz). I am getting better - actually we both (my husband, Mark and I) are. Granted, it would be really sad if we actually got worse since neither of us had ever painted before.

In the mean time, I received 2 different yarn deliveries:

1) On Thursday, I received the first delivery from the Griffin Yarn Sock Club which I will not post a picture of yet, just in case someone from the sock club happens to see this (not likely) and hasn't received their delivery yet.

2) On Friday I received some bargain discontinued lace weight yarn from could I resist ordering enough yarn to make a shawl for 10 freakin' dollars. Granted, $10 and 10 bazillion hours of my life, but soooo worth it! I have a pattern, but I think I'm going to make one up instead using one of the lace patterns from Barbara Walker's 'A Treasury of Knitting Patterns' (her first of 4 volumes).

I don't have the correct needles here (they are still at my apt. in VA) or the time to get either of these yarns casted on for their respective projects (must paint house), but just receiving the yarn totally cheered me up. Yay, yarn! I was so excited, that I've decided that in addition to my standard forms of therapy (running, yoga, knitting, and chocolate), magical yarn deliveries have some very therapeutic effects....soooo I joined another Sock Club. Fortunately, my husband is cool with this.

This second club (the Rockin' Sock Club organized by Blue Moon Fiber Arts) is one I've been lusting (yes, lusting) to join because I've been reading about their gorgeous yarns and patterns for the past few months. The ever hilarious 'yarn harlot' mentions them often. The Griffin Sock Club is closed but I think this one is still open, if you happen to read this, can afford to join, and need yarn therapy as much as I do right now. I'll say it again...YAY YARN!

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