Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Yesterday we painted our freakin' huge living room and hallway and I had a bit of a meltdown. Despite my checking the color in the room where it would be painted, it still turned out darker than expected. I'm okay with it although I haven't been over there yet today to see how dark it is now...yikes. It also looks down right odd in the hallway where the florescent light hits it...Yeah, I know to check these things beforehand, but I swear I looked at it in all lighting and settings. The hallway bugs me so much I may end up bugging Mark to change the fixture in there. Maybe, I'll get used to it...

Here is a Pic
Between the color and the fact that for some reason this paint was much drippier than the paint we used two freakin' days ago...I had a bad night. Mark can also work for much longer stretches without food by which time I get irrational, and cranky and start feeling like a 4 year old having a tantrum.

So this morning, I'm doing some work for my real job, a little knitting, and just staying away from the house until I feel better. I'm also going to yoga which will help (aaaahhh yoga!). You know you've had a hard a couple of days when you get home at night and you are too tired to even pick up your knitting, no matter how much you wanted to...ugh.

Tomorrow, I head back to Blacksburg to start packing up the rest of our stuff...bigger ugh! More knitting therapy will be needed in larger doses to get through this.

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