Monday, November 12, 2007

Eye Infection, Procrastination, and Craziness

My last day in Starkville (wed.) was made much more stressful and a lot more painful by an awful eye infection. It totally sucked and made it really difficult (i.e. dropping to the floor in screeching pain) to put contacts in. Yeah, I know I probably shouldn't have put contacts in at all, but I am stubborn and hate wearing my glasses when I exercise or do highway driving.

It also didn't help that Mark was absolutely baffled by how to help me so he kinda walked around the apartment looking at me funny. I know there's nothing he could do, but nothing makes you feel like more of a freak than someone else's freaked-out reaction

My eye hurt so much and was so hard to deal with that I thought I might not be able to make the drive on Wednesday, even though I knew I had I sucked it up and made it here (to Blacksburg) in 9 hours with three gas stops.

I was so excited to be home that I immediately started winding my new Fleece Artist Scotian Silk for my Celtic Cardigan at 10:30 at night...weeeeee...I forgot how much fun it is to knit with thicker yarns. I don't have 7mm needles so I'm using my US 10.5/6.5mm, but I think it will block out to approximately the same size. I'm almost done with the back.

I haven't made any sweaters before and this is a great first cardigan because the sewing up at the end is minimal. I'm loving it! Yes, I should be getting ready for the move, but if you are going to procrastinate, what a fun way to do it.

I also have decided that I'm a bit on the crazy side of the spectrum. I went to a great potluck on Saturday night with a bunch of people that were new to me, interesting, and definitely fun to talk to. Somehow the subject of football came up, and they all voiced their disdain for spectator sports. Me, in crazy mode, explained how great football is because it goes so well with knitting. There is so much stopping and starting that you can get plenty done and still keep up with the action. I think they were amused, but certainly not convinced. I think one women was intrigued by my handknitted socks though...I am always looking for a new potential addict...kinda like a drug pusher, but a little healthier.

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