Monday, November 12, 2007

learn to spin?!

I went to a party tonight at my friend Katherine's. Katherine is awesome and hilarious and does not censor herself, which I love. She also tends to give me crap about knitting in her presence because she's convinced that I'm not actually paying attention unless I'm looking at her. If you knit, you know that you can actually pay better attention to people if you are doing some straightforward knitting because you are less fidgety. Complex knitting is more distracting, but if I'm doing stockinette or garter stitch I can totally focus on what's going on around me.

So, at Katherine's, I met this incredibly cool woman named Darcy Whitlock who has been knitting and spinning for years and offered to show me how to spin...weeeee....I am so darn excited and hope hope hope we have time to meet and have lessons before I move. Darcy also has lots of other fascinating interests like 18th century reenactments, etc that make me wish I had met her earlier, but at least I met her now.

As with house painting, and most other things, I am fully prepared to suck at spinning when I get started, but hopefully, it will be learnable and as addictively cool as knitting. It seems to have so much potential...I'll keep updating my progress.

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