Sunday, December 16, 2007

Slacker blogger!

I've been trying to add to this blog at least once a week, but I've been slacking cuz of all moving craziness. I'm am officially no longer moving to Mississippi. Now I am here, 6 days and counting. The moving truck arrived Monday and now we're surrounded by boxes that we are slowly digging out of. Fortunately we finished painting the last room over the weekend.

The house, like any new house, still requires tons of work which is hard to motiviate to do when I'm still bummed about leaving Blacksburg. I just ordered some thick cotton yarn (Peaches & Cream Double Worsted)to make some custom bathmats and welcome mats. That'll be fun. The pattern is called 'Absorba' and it's in Mason Dixon Knitting. I'll post pix as they progress.

There are a lot of things I love about this house, but one of the best things is the amazing spa tub.
I used it once, and I'm going to use it again tonight cuz I just went for a run. I kinda feel like I have to run or exercise, to deserve a soak. Otherwise I feel too decadent.

Other than that, I'm knitting a pair of felt slippers in Hokie colors because the floors here are a bit cold and I miss Blacksburg.
I also have a ton of work to get done before the holidays, which means I have to work like a crazy woman until we leave on Saturday...yikes! I can't believe the holidays are here already.


  1. Ooh be careful in felt slippers on a hardwood floor. My toes are curling at the memory of some of my mishaps. If you need nonstickness, puffpaint t-shirt paint works well, kind of like hospital socks.

  2. Thanks for the great suggestion Darcy!