Sunday, May 18, 2008

No breakfasts here!

I love breakfast, I really do! Also, being a New Yorker, diner food is in my blood...real eggs (any way you want them), home fries, etc...these are necessities. In my mind, and you may disagree, a real diner will serve breakfast food all day in addition to anything else it serves for lunch or dinner. Blacksburg didn't have a lot of real diners, but it did have really great brunches at Gillie's and Boudreaux's. All is good if I can get a poached egg...that's not too much to ask, is it?

Well, as it turns out, when you live in northeastern Mississippi, a poached egg is way too much to ask for. As it turns out, there is no place to get a decent breakfast with poached eggs in Starkville. There was a very fancy restaurant that had a fancy Saturday brunch, but they're closed now. The next town over has a decent farmer's market from May to October, and you would think it would make sense to have a restaurant nearby to capture the market crowd, but you'd be wrong. We did find a breakfast place about 4 miles down the road from the farmer's was ok, and the omelet was decent, but this was not a poached egg kind of place...heck, this wasn't even a place where people order water with lemon. Mark and I requested water with lemon and this is what we got for the lemon:
Sigh! On the bright side, I have now mastered poaching eggs myself so there is that.

On a completely unrelated note, here is a serious bit of weirdness:
In case you can't see what I am talking about through my dirty windshield, here is a close-up:
This sign has been up on the side of the road for a few weeks now pointing across the road towards a semi industrial lot with a series of corrugated metal sheds. What I really can't figure out is if there was a luau there when the sign first when up and they forgot to take the sign down, or if it was originally pointed the opposite way towards a house, or if 'luau' just means something really different here. I dunno. I pass this sign about 4-5 times a week and I always look around trying to figure out where the heck the luau is. If I ever solve this mystery, I will let you know.

And finally, I have finished my first 'Toe-up Spiraling Coriolis' socks and I am a now a big fan of both toe-up knitting and this particular pattern.
Speaking of which, I have had two requests for socks since my last blog post. After thinking about it, I am willing to make socks for anybody I know who will buy the yarn, IF you don't mind waiting until I get other stuff in my knitting cue done.

As for yarn, one of my favorite sources that has a bazillion color options is Blue Moon Fiber Arts. If your feet are Women's size 11 (Men's size 9) or smaller, I will only need 1 skein. If they're bigger than that, I will need 2 skeins (Sorry Rob). Order the 'Socks That Rock Mediumweight' yarn. Do not order the lightweight yarn which also is nice but finer so it takes longer to knit with.

If all of this hasn't caused you to lose interest yet, let me know in a blog comment, and I'll email you my mailing address and a diagram showing the foot measurements I need. (Rob and Katherine, if you really want socks, I'll email you both after Memorial Day when I return from my trip).

If you want socks from me and would rather pick out sock yarn at a local yarn shop (which is always good to do), be sure to get something appropriate for needles that are 2.75mm to 3.00mm in size (US Size 2) and ask the shop dealer about getting enough yarn for your foot size.

Alright, I'm off to Rhode Island and Massachusetts for few days of work and some play time with Mark.


  1. Wow, your socks are amazing. I picked up my socks again and now I'm stuck after the decreases in the heal flap. I will talk to Liz about it, but if I don't get it figured out before your visit, I will be needing some help. Miss you tons! When are you visiting?

  2. I cannot decide things like that. You can pick the yarn and I will reimburse you. How does that sound? I can't make decisions. And also you could use leftover bits from other projects if you want. I have some neat socks that are one color for the "body" and anothr color for the toes, another for the heal, and another for the band around the top. They wouldn't even have to match if you did that. (as long as the colors kind of go together!) I just want some Penelope love on my feet!

  3. Lovely socks, lovely garden, lovely luau :-) Miss you guys...