Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gardening, knitting and presentation writing (Ugh!)

Mark, my awesome husband, built us these beautiful raised beds on the side of our house which we have now filled with plants...tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, chives and parsley....mmm, mmm, good.

We're probably going to build one more bed and fill that one too once we get back from our trip to New England for work and play next week.

In addition to all of the potential veggies, I have started planting flowers in the beds we have around our two front trees. Of all the flowers I've put in so far, the ones called 'Buggleweed' are my favorite because 1) their name sounds Harry Potter-ish, 2) they are a perrenial ground cover plant that will eventually choke out weeds in the bed (I really appreciate these characteristics in a plant), and 3) their flowers are small and purplish and really cool looking. I think I'm going back to get some more of this. (Update: I have since bought 3 more buggleweeds and a bunch of other perrenials for our various beds)

Mark also worked on this bed near the house today which then I filled with Daylillies. Yay, pretty colors and a long growing season.
(Ignore the area surrounding the daylily bed...that still needs work.)

Other than that, I'm chugging away on this second sock. I should be done be tomorrow.
When those are done, I'll be working on a pair for Mark that I started the toe of already to make sure I have knitting to do during my upcoming trip.
I've also started a pair of slipper socks for my mom.
After that and my May sock club delivery, I might knit something that isn't worn on feet so that I don't burn out on socks...but there are just sooo many different fun patterns to try...

Lastly, I am giving two presentations at a network review meeting for the park service. I have drafts of both done, but the problem with powerpoint is that you can just keep fiddling and fiddling and fiddling with the slides and never be done. I leave next Monday for a week in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Mark is flying up to meet me on Thursday so we can spend the weekend with his older brother's family.


  1. What kind of a bribe does one have to make in order to get you to knit him a pair of socks....

  2. I want socks too! And a picture of buggleweed!