Tuesday, October 30, 2007

long trip = lots o' knitting

I travel quite a bit for work, which usually consists of a flight or two to some small airport in the Northeast, renting a car, meeting with people from the National Park Service and then going home. This kind of travel is one of the reasons I love to knit. With flights and connections, there is tons and tons of time and since I'm not flying the plane, my only jobs are to manage my carry-on luggage (I hate checking bags) and to knit. Whenever I am sitting on a plane, I always wonder why more people don't knit. Sometimes, on these flights I have to prepare for whatever meeting I am heading to, but that never takes too long.

If my husband and I are traveling together, however, I'm just as content to go by car because he likes to do all of the driving and I like to do all of the knitting. In fact, if he isn't driving he gets bored and restless (the way I used to get before I discovered knitting). I offered to teach him to knit, but since that's not gonna happen anytime soon we are both quite content with our respective road trip roles.

Yesterday we drove to Starkville, MS (approx. 10 hours from Blacksburg) and I almost finished my second monkey sock. We also just got satellite radio in our car which is great because the stations available as you drive here are...uh...limited (with the exception of the fantastic college radio station in Chattanooga) So we listened to NPR and BBC news and I knitted to my little hearts content. As much as I am completely overwhelmed by the prospect of moving to Starkville, I am consoled by the prospect of many many long drives in my future with lots of hours of happy knitting.

We close on our house today...more about that to come.

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